Good Flowers In Bundles

Good flowers in bundles

Bunchery is a simple, straightforward concept with no frills. They do not take orders, do not bind any bouquets. They sell flowers in bundles — good flowers at a good price.

They also like to work with growers who have the right eco-mindset and fair terms for both flowers and gardeners.

Models With Packs 72ppi
Models With Packs 72ppi Bread&beer Woman 72ppi B&m 01

Nääs Fabriker to open brewery and bakery this spring

Now we finally can tell! Nääs Fabriker will start a brewery and a bakery called Bröd & Malt this spring. They will use leftover bread to brew beer and the malt that is left over at the brewery to bake bread. An idea to take advantage of everything that is left over, not to throw away things that you can use again. We are so happy to be a part of this and to helping create their visual identity.

More info about Bröd & Malt available at