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This is our place — want to joyn?

Welcome to Workplace Gyllensvärd & Cramer – a place where great love and care for every detail creates a personal and professional atmosphere. We gather creators working mainly in design, architecture, photography, marketing etc. A beautiful environment for inspiring meetings, lectures and events. We are located at Drottninggatan 9 in the middle of central Gothenburg.

We offer a range of different memberships; everything from a booked spot with unlimited access, to an unbooked spot for four days a month — all so that you can find a perfect solution for you and your business. We also have a showroom where you as a designer can display your latest collection.

Want to joyn? Get in touch at and we’ll tell you all about it.

Nääs Fabriker Is Getting The Attention It Deserves

Nääs Fabriker is getting the attention it deserves

Nääs Fabriker was featured recently in GP (Göteborgsposten), focusing on the vision to make it a place where industry, commerce and housing go hand in hand. Read the full article

It has also been featured on the Swedish furnishing site

And if that wasn’t enough – former Swedish high jump star Emma Green seems to enjoy the lunch and surroundings at Nääs Fabriker while recording her latest podcast on site:

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Kolla! nomination

Life is all about choices. Yes or no. Left or right. Now or never. Decide for yourself. Make a list of what you want to do. And not to do.

We are nominated for a Kolla! award with one of our own projects, a case with two notepads: one for what TO DO and the other for what NOT TO DO. Copy by Johan Brink. Printed by Göteborgstryckeriet.

Heartworks 01
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Munken Heart Works – The Places of Inspiration

Arctic Paper Munkedals have always been interested in the creative process. In their third publication, Heart Works, they follow a selected group of creators to places they are inspired by and where they search for new ideas and impressions that affect their job.

We are so happy to be a part of this publication (see page 97). It’s a journey that takes you through exciting architecture, quiet cafes and beautiful landscapes all presented in the Munken design range. But the real treat is when you’re holding the publication in your hands, feeling the structure of beautiful Swedish quality paper.

If you feel up for it why not take a look and share your own place of inspiration.