Close and tailored collaborations through the years

After several years at the renowned advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors, Helena Gyllensvärd decided to start her own company in 2004. A decision based on a desire to collaborate more closely with the clients.
Over the years, the agency has grown as the assignments have become more complex. Always in close collaboration with the clients in a variety of industries and markets.

In 2008 graphic designer Jonas Cederholm joined and since then, the agency has attracted a skilled and dedicated network of copywriters, senior strategists in communication and marketing, art directors, film directors, photographers, PR journalists and experts in social media and web development. Each has either worked with or at the largest agencies in Gothenburg. The last to join the agency is the experienced graphic designer Anna-Kari Bonna.

Today Gyllensvärd & Co is a flexible partner who can offer the same services and expertise as the big agencies, with the main difference that Gyllensvärd & Co tailors the team to the size of the assignment and can be more involved with the client. Something that customers request and appreciate today, whether it's a time-limited campaign or an ongoing collaboration over years.

Over the last two decades Gyllensvärd & Co have done work for IKEA, Volvo, Essity, Maurten, Ernst Rosén, Arctic Paper, Bolon, Berg Propulsion, Cat, Thomas Concrete, Gunilla Bergensten, HSB, Nääs Fabriker, Ted Bernhardtz, Karl Andersson & Söner, Barn i stan, Welma, Renova, Steningekompaniet, HY., Steninge Slottsby, Bunchery by Blomrum and many more.

The team

Helena Gyllensvärd

Helena Gyllensvärd is an award-winning Art Director known for her lifelong dedication to form and design. With a career spanning over three decades, she founded Gyllensvärd & Co in 2004 after 13 years at Forsman & Bodenfors and Force F&B.

Helena's expertise lies in seamlessly guiding brands throughout their development and growth, ensuring coherence and excellence across all platforms. Her creative vision and commitment have earned her widespread recognition both in the industry and among clients.


Jonas Cederholm

Jonas Cederholm is an accomplished Senior graphic designer with 15 years of experience. He has a Major Degree in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Technology.

Jonas has a keen eye for details and is a firm believer in the power of typography, crafting each project with precision and purpose. As a designer, he is a good listener and problem solver, always looking to fulfill the task at hand in the best way possible for everyone involved.


Anna-Kari Bonna

Anna-Kari Bonna brings extensive experience in graphic design and final art. She has worked at major advertising agencies in Gothenburg and Stockholm, most recent at Forsman & Bodenfors Factory.

With a penchant for creative expression and a particular fondness for typography, Annakari ensures quality and attention to detail in her work. She handles diverse clients and tasks, resulting in a portfolio that showcases her expertise and readiness to contribute to innovative and impactful design projects.


In the heart of Gothenburg

We are part of the wonderful Workplace Gyllensvärd & Cramer in central Gothenburg. Come visit us at Drottninggatan 9.

Want to joyn? Please visit Workplace Gyllensvärd & Cramer to find out more.

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